Week 8

Testing result:


direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5fHav8-_iQ&feature=youtu.be

Finished product testing example attached below. Thanks to Martin Havelka for helping us demonstrate the concept.

Done with the help of Processing by myself (Vlad Ciutacu) and Jeroen Nijkamp.


We spent more time than we expected to on getting the actual coins to spin and be placed correctly in order for the user to be able to pick up most of them, and we only got the coin-collecting mechanism figured out before actually testing it, which made the Wizard Of Oz experience more interesting – although we got it to work using workarounds, the experience for the user was definitely entertaining, while it kept him focused on keeping his balance and scoring as many points as possible.


Because the coins were not actually disappearing (they were simply being overlayed by an ellipse which was following our wizard’s mouse cursor) the scoring mechanism had to also be faked, so we set the program up so by pressing (or holding) a button, the score increases, which was a quick workaround (and a second task for the wizard).

If I were to do it again, I would certainly do things differently. I would go back and try do it again in the original way as we planned it, with randomly spawning coins (like in Snake). We also didn’t get to play around with mapping our prototype until recording the video, and the mapping stretched out the program a lot and some elements were either unreachable or not visible because of the balancing stones being in the way of the projection. Having time to experiment with how the image is being projected on the floor definitely would have made the overall product different, although I am satisfied with our concept and our execution of “faking it till you make it”.


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