Week 5

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 12.04.57 AM.png

Topic: Color


Will more users sign up if the action button is a positive colour as opposed to a negative colour? (i.e. green vs red)

Test plan:  

After doing my research about A/B testing I figured out that the best way to test my hypothesis would be by doing a modal sign up window which prompts the user to sign up to a newsletter. Because the newsletter is not necessary, the user will have to make the decision of either signing up using the coloured button or exiting the modal window. The variable in this particular situation would be the prominent done button.

For the design of the button, I decided that my control version (A) will have a green button, in this case the positive colour (with a meaning of balance, confirmation and growth), while for my variation version (B) I settled on using red. Although the meaning of red can be seen as energy, desire and action, it is also well-known for representing error, therefore people have mixed feelings about it and do not consider it “positive”.

The user’s task will be signing up to a newsletter. In order to measure the test and observe my user, my idea was monitoring the actions the users perform and noting them down in both cases of the A/B Test. Important decisions made by the users will be documented and their justification for the actions performed. That way, I can easily compare the results and figure out which version was more dominant dependant on my user succeeding rate and either confirm or deny my hypothesis. Whenever a user decides to advance to a new page (either by pressing the button and advancing, or backing out of the signup process), the direction in which they went will be noted, as well as the reasoning behind their action.

Control (Version A)

Variable: The control version features a green submit button, which can be associated with confirmation.

Variation (Version B)

Variable: The variation features a red submit button, which can be associated with errors.


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